About the Booster Club

Who we are

The Booster Club for Swimming and Diving membership is – parents, former athletes, coaches, our community and business supporters who encourage opportunities for young athletes’ participation in competitive swimming and diving. Under the auspices of the Bethlehem Central Athletic Association, a nonprofit umbrella organization for many of the district’s sports teams, the Booster Club is able to support our coaches and athletes. The Booster Club works together with others and the scholastic teams to promote the personal development of young athletes, foster greater school spirit and set a healthy lifestyle and self-esteem through the participation in a sport.

What we do

The Booster Club supports scholastic swimming and diving through many programs such as the following:

  • Fundraising: To purchase equipment, team gear and sponsor seminars
  • Corporate Support: to provide financial assistance for major facilities improvements, such as record boards and an automatic timing system.
  • Public Relations: To recognize the achievements of our young athletes and encourage others to join the swimming and diving teams
  • Special events: To organize social gatherings such as field trips, picnics or team banquets
  • Scholarships: To recognize athletes’ contributions to their sports.
  • Home Meets: To facilitate the home meets including timing/scoring/concessions, etc.

Our goals

  • Provide opportunities for young athletes to participate in swimming and diving
  • With the coaches offer educational programs geared toward swimming and diving
  • Promote the positive benefits – physical and psychological – associated with the participation in a team sport
  • Contribute to the purchase of equipment for the teams, such as banners and swim gear
  • Support endeavors to improve pool facilities such as quality of environment, record boards, timing systems
  • Serve as representatives on issues or in decision-making processes affecting the sports of swimming and diving — for example, we’ve provided input to the school board during the budget planning process.

Support the team — please join the Swimming and Diving Booster Club if you haven’t already done so.

The Booster Club for Swimming and Diving is committed to the support and development of programs for our young athletes in he Bethlehem Central School District’s High School and Middle School programs.